Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hummingbirds collection

Well I've almost completed all the pieces in my Hummingbirds collection!  Thought I'd blog a sneak peek on here, before listing them for sale.

The general feeling of the collection is bows, bows, bows, but each individual piece has a story behind it.  For example, the Dixie Doyle pieces are bright pink and bubbly, reminiscient of the girl herself with her pigtails and lollipop.  The Liz Warren brooches are more studious and serious, in dark navy and forest green.  Leo Binhammer and his wife have co-ordinating rings, to represent their marriage (and complications) as would a wedding band.  The charismatic Ted Hughes bow-tie necklace is brown tweed to represent his authority as an educator, yet the pink highlights demonstrate his propensity to charm women.  So here are the pics:

 Dixie Doyle headband (large)

 Dixie Doyle studs

 Liz Warren brooch in navy (left) and green (right)

Small headband in Dixie Doyle (top) and Ted Hughes (bottom)
N.B.  Black headband (middle) is from prior collection


  1. I can't wait to see this collection!! It sounds like they will suit the characters from Hummingbirds perfectly.

    Not sure how your future collections could be inspired by Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk though... Silk flowers?

  2. Love your blog Sha! Looking forward to many more gorgeous posts...

    Those pink studs are so cute! Definitely capturing Dixie Doyle for me!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad to hear they capture the characters for you :) Exactly what I was aiming to achieve!

    As for Survivor, Polly, you raise a very interesting suggestion... The colours would have to be a little morbid though, I feel.