Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I Give A Frock

After many weeks in hiding (actually it was a study-induced hibernation period) I have returned and I have plenty to say on the matters of fashion and crafting and books.  Let's start with my latest purchase...

So the blurb of this book states "If you haven't heard of Michi Girl, don't worry, she hasn't heard of you either.'  I would like to say that if you haven't heard of Michi Girl you should run out and acquaint yourself with her immediately.  Her first book, Like I Give A Frock, came out 2 years ago, and being pink, green, artsy and all kinds of loveliness I snapped it up straight away.  Being in a book store again yesterday I was thrilled to discover she has been published again!  And in navy, no less.  I am powerless before navy.

Anyway, Michi's second book is a 'Michipedia' of all sorts of fashion terms.  It is filled with just as much wit and wisdom as the first, along with the same stunning illustrations.  I thought I would share some of my favourites that had me giggling out loud. Seriously. Loud.

Michi on Body Shapes

There's a bra for everyone

Why we love our designers

Money makes the world go round

Appropriate Underwear

Believe it or not, there are actually things that Michi and I disagree on.  I didn't think it was possible given that she condemns fishnets, loathes humidity, and officially refers to tights as 'Not Pants'.  Yet unlike myself, Michi is not obsessed with check print in its myriad forms and monnikers: tartan, plaid, gingham, houndstooth, patchwork...  I'll take any version!  Similarly, Michi has little appreciation for the many uses of tulle - which I'm sure would sadden my best friend (whose blogger alias happens to be Tulle).  Here's what Michi has to say:

But that's ok Michi, we can agree to disagree.  When it comes to the important things we're on the same page.

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